Couple in front of a country lane, woman in cream Harris Tweed blazer and man in Harris Tweed jacket with vest insert


Hardly any other garment is as representative of the British classic clothing style as Harris Tweed - also known as English Tweed or British Tweed. Hand-woven from the very best new wool, it is the ideal outer fabric for the harsh British climate. Inseparably linked to Harris Tweed are the well-known tartan patterns, the typical checks that are created during weaving by using different colored threads. The combination of elegant and timeless weaving patterns with robust yet elegant material makes Harris Tweed so unique.


We are pleased to be able to offer you a wide selection of Harris Tweed items. Harris Tweed jackets, vests, jackets, coats and pants for men - discover the unique Harris Tweed collection from Wellington of Bilmore and be inspired by the noble yet robust material and the timeless woven patterns.


Discover feminine tweed in the county lifestyle in all variations: Harris Tweed jackets, blazers and vests for women, blazer coats, caban jackets and tweed skirts. Body-hugging cuts, high-quality wool, typical patterns and unique colors can be combined in many ways and accentuate the figure.

HARRIS TWEED - Accessories

Top off your look with a matching tweed accessory: the Harris Tweed Henry Cap for men and women. The classic Harris tweed hats made from high-quality wool are available to match our tweed jackets for men, Harris tweed blazers or vests for women and many other Harris tweed products.


Your individual favorite piece - handwoven in Scotland

The production of this high-quality wool fabric is a true craft, as Harris Tweed is still hand-woven to this day. The small island of Harris in the Scottish waters is the place of origin of the traditional tweed fabric, and to this day the noble wool fabric is handmade from pure wool by the inhabitants of the island. We then process the fabric according to your wishes to create your new favorite Harris Tweed piece. We offer our Harris Tweed collection not only in standard sizes, but also in border sizes. If your desired product is not available in the right size, we can make a variety of our products for you.


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HARRIS TWEED - Traditional chic at its best

The robust wool fabric with its traditional design has advanced from an insider tip to a global trendsetter. Typically British, it remains true to the highest quality standards and tradition and lends a timeless, distinguished style and a sense of the British way of life. The variety of patterns and color combinations make Harris Tweed unique and give clothing a traditional English style. Harris Tweed is equally popular for everyday business and leisure and always lends a traditional chic. 

Harris Tweed is a product of its rugged origins - the robust, warming, wind and water repellent fabric has long proven itself in the battle against the harsh Scottish weather conditions. While it still feels coarse and hard immediately after the production process, it gains its pleasantly soft, comfortable texture through extensive use.