Cord Art. 1648-25


The timeless elegance of Wellington of Bilmore: an ode to British clothing culture

British clothing culture has a rich history characterized by tradition, quality and timeless elegance. Wellington of Bilmore products embody these characteristics down to the smallest detail. Be inspired by our Harris Tweed products, wax jackets made in England, or even get married in style in a three-piece Harris Tweed wedding suit. Wellington of Bilmore is a jewel of Brit chic.



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Harris Tweed is at the heart of the Wellington of Bilmore collection. Made from the famous Harris Tweed, a hand-woven outer fabric from the Outer Hebrides of Scotland, these jackets embody the diverse and rugged landscape of Scotland. The careful creation process and natural color tones give each piece a unique feel and visual depth.

The roots of Harris Tweed go back to the 19th century, when Scottish weavers began spinning wool from local sheep and weaving it into traditional patterns. This handcrafted process has survived to this day and gives Harris Tweed jackets an unparalleled authenticity. Wellington of Bilmore preserves this tradition and brings it into the modern world, with each jacket being a work of art in its own right.

Another Wellington of Bilmore trademark is the waxed jackets, which are both functional and stylish. The use of waxed cotton not only makes these jackets weather resistant, but also gives them a unique patina that develops over time. These jackets are perfect companions for outdoor activities, be it a weekend trip to the countryside or a leisurely stroll through the city. Wellington of Bilmore's wax jackets are a tribute to the British hunting and outdoor tradition defined by durability and class.

In the world of wedding fashion, Wellington of Bilmore is synonymous with tweed wedding suits that allow the groom to shine in a distinctive style. The warm and luxurious character of tweed gives the wedding suit a timeless elegance that perfectly complements traditional wedding ceremonies and modern celebrations. The subtle patterns and first-class workmanship make these suits a symbol of class and sophistication.

The British clothing culture embodied by Wellington of Bilmore goes beyond the purely aesthetic aspect. It is a nod to history, the traditions of craftsmanship and the values that have shaped British society. This clothing stands for timeless elegance that is passed down from generation to generation.