Traditional production of outer fabrics


Wellington of Bilmore stands for high-quality, durable and timeless Brit-style fashion. We are a company with tradition and expertise and place the highest value on these attributes in our suppliers.

Here you will find a selection of our suppliers who not only match our design, but also our quality promise. High-quality natural fibers from Europe, which promise high wearing comfort and a long service life, plus traditional and competent processing are the recipe for the success of a good outer fabric.

Outer fabric: Harris Tweed


The long, barren archipelago in the far northwest of Europe is home to every weaver, dyer, blender, carder, spinner, warper, finisher and inspector of Harris Tweed fabrics. No part of the process takes place anywhere else.
As such, the land and people are woven into the fabric of the cloth, reflecting the colors of the landscapes, the beauty of nature and the values of these people.
For generations these islands have produced a special cloth... Harris Tweed.
All this comes from the farms and weaving mills of the tiny Scottish islands on the edge of the Atlantic, the Outer Hebrides

Wellington of Bilmore - outer fabric suppliers: Halley Stevensons


With over 150 years of experience, Halley Stevensons has unique technical knowledge and extensive manufacturing experience. The company specializes in waxed cotton and weatherproof fabrics that are responsibly sourced and manufactured in an environmentally friendly way. Quality and performance is also of great importance: as a manufacturer of waxed cotton fabrics, all products undergo rigorous quality and performance testing. However, despite being ISO 9002 certified, Halley Stevensons is always working on improvements to ensure and optimize quality and performance on an ongoing basis.

Outer fabric: Moon


Since its foundation in 1837, many bales of raw wool have arrived on the weavers' doorstep to be made into the finest fabrics. Moon is one of the last remaining vertical wool weaving mills in the UK, which means they are one of the select few that continue to carry out all processes on one site. In terms of sustainability, the journey leads to the producers' farms and the natural benefits of the raw material wool itself, through to the manufacturing methods used in the uniquely British weaving mill. At the factory in the heart of Yorkshire, everyone strives every day to become a more sustainable business. Wool, of course, is a 100% natural, renewable and biodegradable fiber, which combined with a commitment to zero waste, recycling and solar energy, results in a product of the highest ethical quality.

Suppliers Brisbane Moss I Wellington of Bilmore


The best British fabric makers have worked for Brisbane Moss in the Yorkshire Hills. In an area where fine fabrics were born, four generations of craftsmen have helped keep Brisbane Moss at the pinnacle of the quality fabric business. Brisbane Moss today - almost 140 years later - continues to offer unparalleled excellence in the manufacture of corduroy and moleskin. The quality of weaving, dyeing and finishing creates fabrics so fine that they are chosen by the world's leading clothing manufacturers and designers. With a skilled and loyal workforce, a strong commitment to the environment and sustainably produced fabrics that are among the best in the world, Brisbane Moss is extremely privileged.

Wellington of Bilmore - Outer fabric suppliers: Magee 1866

MAGEE 1866

Magee 1866 is a fifth generation Irish family business with over 150 years of experience in designing, weaving and tailoring luxury fabrics and clothing. When it comes to sustainability, they focus on renewable energy and biodegradable materials, which are characterized by their durability. Magee 1866 is particularly known for its bright and colorful tweed fabrics. The range includes heavy, traditional fabrics as well as modern and more luxurious textures. This means that both elegant, high-quality coats and trendy jackets or vests can be produced.

Wellington of Bilmore - outer fabric suppliers: Lovat Mill


Lovat Tweed stands for elegance, tradition, sustainability and robustness. Inspired by the Scottish landscape, this timeless fabric is named after the Lovat clan. Its high-quality new wool makes it hard-wearing, perfect for outdoor activities and urban elegance. Lovat Tweed can be used in a variety of garments, from jackets to accessories. Its history dates back to the 19th century when it was used as protective clothing for the Highlands. Lovat tweed symbolizes Scottish craftsmanship and culture, is a souvenir for visitors to Scotland and a popular fabric for elegance, tradition and longevity in fashion.


Carola - Ladies Harris Tweed Blazer, green Twill I Wellington of Bilmore


High-quality materials, traditional designs and good fits are the focus of our women's collections. A wide range of unique pieces awaits you.

Harris tweed jacket ''London'', evergreen I Wellington of Bilmore


Whether it's a casual coat, biker jacket, leather blouson or traditional Harris Tweed jacket. There is a large selection of outdoor & sportswear with a classic British look to discover.