Waxed jackets are an integral part of classic casual fashion. Chic, functional and robust, wax jackets have evolved from a practical item of clothing to a status symbol. The robust all-weather jacket for men and women provides reliable protection against the cold and wet and at the same time has a classic, modern look. The outer fabric of the jacket is made from high-quality cotton, which is coated with an impregnating wax layer, giving the wax jacket its water-repellent properties. A warm quilted lining ensures cozy warmth even in the colder seasons. The patch pockets are not only eye-catching, but also offer plenty of storage space. This jacket with cult character dresses men and women with Brit chic and is a stylish companion for business and leisure.

Lined wax jackets for men

Extremely durable and weatherproof, with a traditional, modern cut and classic colors: The wax jacket is a must-have for the quality-conscious man with a love of the British & country lifestyle.

Lightweight wax jackets for women

Weatherproof and hard-wearing, elegant and suitable for everyday use, the wax jackets for women reflect British elegance. In fashionable colors and different linings. Choose your next favorite piece from lightweight or lined wax jackets for women.

Lined wax jackets for women

With a wax jacket from Wellington of Bilmore, you always have a reliable and stylish companion by your side. With the lined wax jackets, you can defy wind and rain in the cold season.


Outstanding durability - elegant and robust

Halley Stevensons fabrics are naturally breathable as the wax adapts its properties to the ambient temperature. In warm weather it becomes more supple and provides better ventilation, while in colder temperatures it becomes stiffer and provides reliable wind protection. The eco-friendly sourcing of cotton and sustainable manufacturing processes ensure that Halley Stevenson's waxed cotton is an environmentally conscious choice.

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Wax jackets for men and women from Wellington of Bilmore - elegant and robust

Waxed jackets from Wellington of Bilmore are timeless and elegant and also have the characteristics of a high-quality all-weather jacket. The protective wax layer makes the wax jacket for men and women an ideal companion in cold, wet or stormy weather. However, you don't have to do without chic and style, because the jacket with its cult character dresses you with Brit Chic and is a stylish companion. Whether worn with robust clothing for outdoor activities or over a tweed suit on the way to work: a wax jacket for men and women is always the right choice. The wax jacket in the classic colors beige, green and navy can be perfectly combined with the men's and women's collection from Wellington of Bilmore.